Super Tiny Colors Library

What is it?

It is an ultra-super small compact and minimalist library (done in 7 code lines) used for scripts of Bash.

How does it work?

This uses variables to set the colors, encapsulating in this way the direct use of the ANSI color codes, accomplishing quickness, consolidation and independence.

Wrapper of ANSI color codes:

  • Use of ANSI color codes:

    echo -e "\e[40;38;5;82m Hello \e[30;48;5;82m World \e[0m"

    Example of command execution:

  • Use of the super-tiny-colors:

    git clone
    source /usr/local/npres/lib/super-tiny-colors.bash
    echo -e "${nG} Hello ${Iy} World $S"
    echo -e "${nG} Hello ${Ig} World $S"
    echo -e "${nG} Hello ${Ir} World $S"
    echo -e "${nG} Hello ${Iw} World $S"

    Example of command execution:

How do I obtain it?

  • Through github (recommended):
    cd /usr/local/
    git clone

    Repository of utilities of support of management of Debian GNU/Linux.

  • Through wget:

How are the colors defined?

  • Identification of colors:

    Letter Color
    w white
    m magenta
    b blue
    r red
    g green
    y yellow
    a gray
  • Format used by the library:

    Description Background color Front color Example
    Normal black letter
    Normal bright black LETTER
    Inverse letter black
    Inverse *bright color letter black
    Inverse bright white LETTER white


  • examples1

    Example of command execution:

  • examples2

    Example of command execution: