System Information Bar

What is this?

Scientia potentia est

Knowledge is power. Knowing before hand or previewsly the system colapses or run out of resources, it becomes a priority, due to this, and to contemplate the panorama of programs that show us the resources and performance of our systems, SI arrives with a super powerful, fabulous and extremely concise bar of information of the actual resources.

Tools with more detail:

How does it work?

It is a sequence of commands from bash which extracts the information utilizing the tools from the system or the files of the process, according to the thresholds it assigns the color, and shows everything in a single line in less than 80 characters.

Information shown:

How do i obtain it?

  • Through github:
    cd /usr/local/
    git clone

How do i use it?

  • When logging in, add to the file /etc/profile:
    . /usr/local/npres/bin/alias/set.bash
  • By demand:


  • When logging in: Example of command execution:

  • By demand: Example of command execution:

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