Nagios Check Status (NCS)

Nagios Check Status (NCS)

What is it?

It is a set of scripts of Bash to obtain an exit report based on the server statuses and services monitored by Nagios.

How does it work?

It obtains the information from Nagios through the MK Livestatus and process it to show the result in this way:

  • Screen saver: changes the background color.
  • Alarm: pronounces the status summary and/or plays an mp3 file.
  • Terminal: shows a report by the demand.
  • Mail: sends an email similar to the screen saver or terminal.
  • Image: generates an image, using a set of images as theme and a mark of time of color.

Example of Images which update every 5 minutes:
Site #01

Site #02

Example on how the screen saver displays: NCS Protector de Pantalla Ejemplo

Official site of Nagios Check Status (NCS)